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At The Kinship Bridge, we firmly believe that kinship families are vital family structures in our communities, deserving of our unwavering support. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of services to bridge the financial gap and meet the urgent and essential needs of kinship caregivers and children. With a commitment to quick and easy access to financial resources, we aim to ensure stability, support, and empowerment for kinship families. Here are the prioritized services we offer:

Direct Financial Assistance

Our Direct to Family program focuses on providing immediate support for basic needs, including food, clothing, school supplies, education, childcare, and utilities. Eligible kinship families can receive up to $500 to address these essential requirements, ensuring the well-being of both caregivers and children.

External Source Grants

For more significant expenses related to housing, auto or home repair, medical emergencies, major appliances, heating or electrical needs, and water-related issues (such as hot water heaters), we offer External Source grants. Kinship families facing these critical situations can receive up to $2,000 to address these urgent needs and maintain a stable living environment.

Legal Aid Grants

Navigating legal matters related to custody, guardianship, and other relevant areas can be complex and costly. We offer a grant specifically allocated for legal assistance, providing kinship families with access to legal expertise and support. Caregivers can receive up to $2,000 to help with legal fees and costs associated with obtaining guardianship or custody of children.

Informal Kinship Family Registry and Research

We recognize the importance of understanding the dynamics and needs of kinship families. Our voluntary Informal Kinship Family Registry and Research program allows caregivers to participate, sharing their experiences and insights. As a token of appreciation, participants receive a $50 stipend for their valuable contributions, enabling us to advocate effectively on behalf of kinship families.

In-Kind Donations

In addition to financial assistance, we work with partners to provide in-kind donations to kinship families. These donations include concrete goods that families may need, such as cribs, car seats, and other essential items. By addressing tangible needs, we enhance the overall well-being and safety of kinship children.

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